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Forum Rules

Postby RichardTheRogue on Fri Dec 07, 2007 10:57 pm

With rights come responsibilities. The hope is to keep rules to a minimum, but some are required. Some are imposed by the administrators, some are imposed by the nice people that are hosting this forum. All are just good sense.

1. Obey the law.

2. Do not post anything which could be construed as an incitement to hatred of any kind.

3.Do not post anything defamatory or libelous.

4. Do not harass other users.

5. Be courteous and polite. You will find that people will have a higher regard for you and your views if you do.

6. Do not post pornographic images or links to sites containing pornographic images. The internet is a very big place and a large enough percentage of it is devoted to that sort of thing already.

7. Do not post anything promoting the use of illegal drugs.

8. Do not post anything promoting terrorism.

9. Do not post anything promoting software piracy or hacking (cracking).

10. Promotion or distribution of copyrighted material is forbidden.

11. Use of this site for commercial advertising purposes is forbidden.

Thank you.
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